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Solo Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training

01202 573869


Whether you are coming back to biking after a break, just wanting to improve your skills

or embarking on an advanced qualification,

we can help you take your riding to the next level


All you training is done 1:1

and is available 7 days a week 8.00 am to 8.00 pm to fit in with your lifestyle


£30 per hour  

£150 per day  

£80 per morning or afternoon (3 hrs)


We can help you with:


Making the best of use of the road and traffic conditions

Your ability to best control the position and speed of your bike

Safe overtaking

Understanding the capabilities and characteristics of your machine

Your braking techniques

Use of mirrors and observations

Navigating junctions, roundabouts and bends

Dual carriageways and motorways

Hazard perception, anticipation and planning

Understanding weather conditions and road surfaces

Overcoming your limitations

Building your confidence as a competent rider

Incident management


Improving your rider skills can save your life!


Take the first step and give us a call now on 01202 573869