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Solo Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training

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Hi, I am an experienced motorcyclist with over 40 years of riding bikes both professionally and for fun.

Having run my own training school for nearly 20 years I feel there is a need to offer bikers the opportunity to take their riding

skills to a higher level. Hence the birth of SMART (Solo Motorcycle Advanced Rider Training).

Whether this is just in problem areas experienced once buying your dream machine, after just passing your test or returning to riding after a break. Maybe you want to increase your level of riding right the way up to taking the RoSPA advanced riding exam.


It all started for me when I decided I wanted a career in biking. I needed to get some training, so firstly I joined a motorcycle training school and learned the ropes, took my exams and became a DSA (Driving Standards Agency) instructor and opened my own training school. After that I took every opportunity out there to become a highly skilled, professional rider. I tried IAM, Blue Ribbon,

ERS ( enhanced rider scheme) and lastly, I settled with RoSPA.

I passed my exam at 'GOLD' level, which then enabled me to go on and take my 'Teaching Diploma' with them. Whilst on the course I became good friends with an ex-police rider who has helped me hone my skills and who I still ride out with to this day.

I appreciate not everyone will want to go this far, but SMART training is available to everyone, whatever level of help, advice or coaching you are looking for. Any tutition is better than none.


All your training is done one-to-one and before we go out on the road we will discuss your individual needs and what you would like to achieve from your sessions.


I’m always free for a chat if you're unsure what you would like to achieve or where to start.

Just give me a call or drop me an email.


Remember - ride safe, be vigilant and stay SMART !