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This page is by no means a substitute to the benefits of having some SMART Advanced Training, but to give you a few pointers on some of the most common problems I'm asked to advise on.


Please remember if you're going to practise improving your skills whilst riding out on the road, TAKE CARE and ideally seek professional tutition first.



Read the road to obtain as much information as you can, looking for junctions, openings to fields and hedges, road markings, lamp posts, sign posts etc. to be able to position your bike to get the best possible view you can.

Make sure you're in the correct gear and at the correct speed for the bend.

Don't ride too close into the kerb or too wide when cornering, remember - where you look is where the bike will go.



Important issue  - when to filter and when NOT!

Never create a third lane within traffic. Don’t bother to filter just to save 5 minutes. A couple of cars at a time will give a weaving effect and have you bumper to bumper with the car in front .This will just annoy the driver and may cause them to do something stupid like edge out to stop you passing. Always be polite and considerate of other road users.

NEVER filter on approach to junctions, traffic lights or crossings.



Proper road positioning can give you lots of advantages on cornering, filtering,

town riding and 'out in the sticks', I am sure you will learn some very valuable

insights to improve your riding after a lesson in road positioning



We may all like to ride fast, but the correct safe use of speed is critical. You need to make progress, but remember to ride within your capability and experience.



Once again, these are a few tips for you to bear in mind to keep you safer on our roads and just the tip of the iceberg for improving your riding ability and confidence. Remember, we should never stop learning, so be SMART, brush up your skills in a fun and safe enviroment. Give us a call on

01202 573869



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